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China Egg Tray Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is established in 1978,it is the founder of Chinese paper industry. It is located Jiaodong peninsula of Asia,the west is next to longkou port of the Atlantic for zhenghe, the easten border is Penglai Pavilion which is famous in the world, the north is face to Dalian, the south chime in with Qingdao International beer city, it is stood on industry land for beautiful circumstance and abundant resources.our company is particular in prouding packing machine, main products is . The company of strength is powerful and well-equipped,it has factory building 3600 square meter,more than…[more]

Egg tray / fruit care production line

Pulp molding products production process is divided into four sections: Pulp, forming, drying, hot shaping. It is waste paper, scrap paper cartons, scrap prints, and a variety of Zhizhipinchang scrap as the raw material, hydraulic crushing, filtration, water and other technology to deploy a certain concentration of slurry, and then in a special metal mold by ...